Mark Sholin
Co-founder & President

Mark Sholin, President of Admiral Instruments, is on a mission to equip the world with the best-priced, most modern, and easiest-to-use electrochemical measurement tools in existence. Since co-founding Admiral Instruments in February 2017, Mark’s team has done business with hundreds of customers across 17 countries, including Fortune 50 companies, startups, universities, and government research labs. Mark earned his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona, and subsequently spent a year as a PhD student at Arizona State University studying microbial fuel cells and membrane biofilm reactors for water treatment applications. In 2011, Mark ended his PhD studies and founded a company called Arbsource to scale-up microbial fuel cell technology with the goal of inventing more rapid, energy-efficient wastewater treatment solutions. During his five years as the founder & CEO of Arbsource, Mark led a team of engineers as a Principal Investigator through SBIR projects with the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and several commercially funded efforts before negotiating an acquisition to a privately-held company based in upstate New York.

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