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Key Products: Nanoindenter; High Strain Rate Module; High and Low Temperature Module

Alemnis develops instruments for mechanical testing at the micro- and nanoscale. The Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) is the only instrument on the market that works with true displacement control in addition to standard load control mode. With the release of its Ultra High Strain Rate (UHSR) module, users can test at strain rates of up to 20'000 s-1 and up to 10 million impact test cycles in only 20 minutes. Products are compact and ideally suited for in situ experiments as well as ex situ as a standalone setup. The nanoindenter can be installed in various kinds of microscopes such as Scanning Electron Microscopes (in-SEM), Light Microscopes (in-Air), in Synchrotron, Raman, X-ray tomography, and many more.

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Dr. Nicholas Randall

Vice President at Alemnis AG


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