Joshua Tappan1

1, Citrine Informatics, Redwood City, California, United States

Josh Tappan, Citrine Informatics’ head of community, will share Citine's approach to materials informatics education initiatives. Citrine has successfully run several hands-on, experiential programs with universities across the country.

Josh will share the details of Citrine’s NextGen fellowship, which, over the course of 3 years, has supported 50+ undergraduate students in materials informatics research projects across the United States, as well as the Mines Initiative for Data Driven Materials Innovation (MIDDMI), a partnership with the Colorado School of Mines, which helped 8 student groups incorporate machine learning and materials informatics techniques into their research. Additionally, he will discuss Citrine's approach to education and curriculum development in the industrial materials community.

Audience members will be able to access some of the open educational resources Citrine developed as part of these programs.